Quality Kitchens and Wardrobes

Quality Kitchens and Wardrobes create the highest quality customised built Wardrobes, Kitchens, Shelving, Wall units and Vanities to suit all your desires and lifestyle.

Internal Layouts

At Quality Kitchens & Wardrobes, we are proud to showcase a variety of interior layouts. Well planned, internal wardrobe configurations don’t only maximise space but also provide smart storage. The combination of long and double hanging, adjustable or fixed shelving and variable draw configurations, can be proportioned to your requirements, and also include a wide range of options such as: shoe shelves, wire basket draws, adjustable shelving etc. Find inspiration for your new wardrobe. Whether your’e looking for a walk-in wardrobe design or a internal layout to fit inside your new wardrobe doors, we can help you in determining what requirements you have and how possible they are to achieve.
Our layouts succeed in creating synergy between functionality and design. A timeless and pure-style solution, which meets your personal needs and forms the framework for the perfect wardrobe in your home. Only your fantasy is the limit for the maximum utilisation of your room.

Please browse some of our internal layout ideas and contact us if you need any further information.

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